Sambaddha Global To Provide Entrepreneurship Platform To The Youth Of Uttarakhand

▸ The social enterprise plans to create huge sales force in Uttarakhand.
▸ Plans to launch over 650 franchise and company-owned Sambaddha Kendras in the state of Uttarakhand


New Delhi December 3, 2019: To provide urban amenities to rural India, Sambaddha Global, a social enterprise start-up unveiled its expansion plans for Haridwar and whole of Uttarakhand. Sambaddha, which launched its first Centre in Laksar in September this year plans to expand to the entire state operating through 650 Sambaddha Kendras. These Kendras will provide an entrepreneurship platform to the aspiring young entrepreneurs of the city in Haridwar.

Sambaddha Kendras will be managed through franchise and company-owned model thus appointing 650 franchisees managing the rural retail chain. For this expansion, Sambaddha Kendras will create skilled workforce employing over 3000 sales personnel thus providing entrepreneurship opportunities to the village/micro town level entrepreneurs who can set up these Kendras in their respective areas and operate it as a service provider.

The Kendras will provide products and services ranging from financial services to healthcare, FMCG to Consumer Goods, Agricultural products to Educational services to the rural populace. These Kendras will act as a nodal point for villagers who will provide them with education, nutritional food, healthcare and other basic villagers’ requirements (except the government services like PAN card, Aadhar card, etc.) at very affordable prices.

According to Narayanan Rajagopalan, Founder & President of Sambaddha Global, “The philosophy of Sambaddha Kendras is not only to provide the product and services to the rural population but it also aims to provide holistic development to rural individuals from entrepreneurship to employment to millions of youth. He further added that with Sambaddha Kendras first launch in Laksar in September, we plan to add 650 number of Kendras in Uttarakhand thus making rural populace empowered”

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