Saurabh Saxena, ex-Vedantu co-founder launches edtech platform Uable

Featured image: Saurabh Saxena, founder of Uable


Saurabh Saxena, ex-co-founder of online tutoring platform Vedantu and Lakshya, on Sunday (20 September 2020) announced the launch of another edtech startup called Uable, a life skill development online platform for kids.

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Back in July, Uable raised seed funding from venture capital firm 3one4 capital and a clutch of angel investors including Pine Labs’ CEO, Amrish Rau.

Uable focuses on the 6-12 year-old category and aims to nurture creative intelligence and develop future-ready skills among them through playful learning methods. It will be formally launched next week and has been in beta mode since February, and saw rapid adoption due to the pandemic-led lockdown.

Most edtech startups primarily focus on school curriculum for students and online entrance exam preparation for college students. Uable, however, looks to complement the school curriculum.

India’s edtech sector has outperformed most other startups this year, after educational institutions and classroom learning were hit following the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. These companies have been benefiting from the readiness of Indian middle-class families to spend a chunk of their income on education and tutoring to give their children an edge. Uable also is cashing in on the same opportunity.

Saxena made an exit from Vedantu in 2018 after a successful stint with the live tutoring startup for about eight years. Speaking of the core-cognition behind the launch of Uable, Saxena in a statement highlighted,

“I wanted to build a playful learning system that was beyond the classroom where children can play and nurture their intelligence, creativity and build skills like empathy, which are complementary to school education,”

Uable’s interdisciplinary programs combine experiential, play and peer-based learning and span across domains such as science and engineering, technology, arts, humanities and entrepreneurship. Saxena said his aim is to make Uable a one-stop platform for beyond-curriculum learning for children and bridge the skill gap even before a child finishes from school.

Currently, Uable has 25,000 sign ups and Saxena plans to grow this user base to about a lakh by the end of the year.

He said the challenge in the 6-12-year-old segment is to establish with parents the importance of skills like creativity and empathy which are not part of the school curriculum.

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