Searchie CEO Sahiqa Bennett is Selected for Amazon Prime’s The Social Movement

Amazon Prime’s trail to select 40 business owners out of thousands from all over the world has just begun. These 40 people will leverage Amazon Prime’s reality TV show ‘The Social Movement’ as a medium to solve social economic issues impacting the world.


While Amazon’s trail goes on, we are delighted to be taking this responsibility of bringing forward all the updates of The Social Movement to you.

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Last week, news flashed around Briar Prestidge’s selection in The Social Movement, and now we have another women entrepreneur, Sahiqa Bennett, the CEO of Searchie – a Dubai-based IT company. Sahiqa has been selected to represent UAE in The Social Movement.

Chris Lavoie, the Executive Producer of The Social Movement has been in touch with Sahiqa Bennett for the past few years. He asked Bennett to join the docuseries in the past, but she was too busy in building her company along with her husband Harvey Bennett at that time.

In January this year, Chris called Sahiqa and said…

“You have to join because this year the topic is YOU!”

He explained the goal of The Social Movement to Bennett. Bennett said yes as she found that the subject proposed by Chris is really close to her heart.

Just like Searchie, Bennett wants to build businesses which can change lives. By leveraging AI to assess the individuals, they are able to match the right talent to the right company. She understands the importance of employment and wants to help more people. She said…

“My dream is to make sure companies hire those with potential and grit. More people need to get into work so they can survive and build their life. People are living on the streets, countries are in poverty, we need to help change that by connecting the world. Employers need to transform the way they hire and we are helping them reach a wider set of potential employees, I call it borderless hiring. I’m excited to be part of the Social Movement and I’m sure it’s going to be a tough and exciting week but I’m ready!”.

Sahiqa Bennette, Co-founder & CEO – Searchie

Sahiqa is also a Senior Advisor for the Office of HH Sheikh Sultan and Lead Ventures where she deploys Searchie’s innovative strategy to bring the best businesses to UAE.

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