[Shots] Sharon Keegan, Founder & CEO of Peachylean – Emotional pitch at Dragons’ Den

Sharon Keegan, founder & CEO of Peachylean, entered the Dragons’ Den Season 18, Episode 5. The Irish women entrepreneur opened up very energetically by extending the offer to Dragons – saying £100,000 for 11% equity in her company Peachylean, an apparel brand which supports & instils self esteem and confidence in women.


Backed her idea and product with her own example – her very own post-natal experience back in 2015. Speaking about her core-cognition behind Peachylean, Keegan shared,

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“I was over-shadowed with post-natal depression, and I found my happy place in the gym. And it was here actually that I found that there was no product in the market that would act like shaper but was comfortable enough like activewear. I tried everywhere, I couldn’t find it, I designed it myself.”

Sara Davies got very much impressed and said,

“I’m exactly that consumer you are talking about. You know I’ve started running over the last year and I honestly feel as a consumer in that space, nobody is targeting me and talking to me.”

She initially faced a little grilling from Peter Jones regarding her brand name and logo, then got emotional as she explained about her deceased brother who died 2 days before COVID-19 lockdown.

The session ended up with the three of the Dragons Sarah Davies, Touker Suleyman, and Tej Lalvani – sharing the £100,000 equally for 30% equity (10% each Dragon) in Peachylean, whereby Sharon Keegan accepting the same.

Watch the whole Dragons’ Den pitch by Sharon Keegan of Peachylean, culminating with a successful funding deal happened at Dragons’ Den Season 18, Episode 5.

Keegan founded Peachylean in 2018 and raised €250,000 from Enterprise Ireland previously.

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