The Aarey vs. Mumbai Metro Issue

The last few months the #SaveAarey issue has been quite evident with many protests going around and many more petitions being signed to stop the cutting of trees for “apparently” developmental purpose. If the trees are ever cut down, this case will be a classic example of how humans destroy the nature for their own personal benefit but probably end up digging their own grave.


Let us start with knowing why Aarey is important for us.

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What is Aarey?

Aarey Milk Colony is situated in Goregaon East which is in the western suburb of Mumbai, and is located off the Western Express Highway. It covers a huge area of 3160 acres of land which comprises of gardens, a nursery, lakes, an observation pavilion, picnic facilities, and milk plants. Basically, It is one of the perfect places for family outings. Other than that, 16,000 cattle are reared on 1,287 hectares of land, and 32 cattle farms. It is one of the last remaining green patches of the city which we desperately need to save.

Aarey is famous among nature enthusiasts for being the green lungs of the city as it is quite rare in this fast moving city. Here, one can find innumerable species of birds, wildflowers, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles. Several of these are listed under Schedule II of the Wildlife Protection Act.

Where did the problem exactly start?

This apparently last patch of greenery in the city has been chosen by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) for constructing a metro car shed over an area of 28 hectares which basically requires the uprooting of almost  3000 trees. According to MMRDA, 2,044 of these trees could be transplanted which we know isn’t that easy and almost next to impossible. And we all know the fate of most transplanted trees. It’s a farce and has so far not succeeded.This justice too might be delayed or not be given which isn’t something new but it’s just that the trees too will be the victims along with us this time. However, according to MMRDA, the rest of the 254 trees would have to be cut down which doesn’t really seem to be an issue with them.

It is said that the issue isn’t just Goregaons problem but the entire Mumbai city’s. Isn’t that true? Killing large amount of trees in one area will obviously choke the air of the city.

The entire metro issue

Legally speaking, metros or any such construction isn’t allowed to be carried out within a distance of 1-2 km for residential areas. Various Civil Engineering books are evident for this. Looking at the constructions taking place in are not just having an adverse effect on the daily traffic but also a toll on the future safety. God Forbids there might actually come a time when the earth will no longer take it anymore and might just throw it all up. The metros though have definitely been a plus point in the development of the nation but it is important for the officials to look into these matters to act accordingly.

The undying support it has gathered, fortunately

It was really nice to see how many of the Bollywood and TV Celebrities voiced out their opinions on this cause like Farhan Akhtar, Dia Mirza, Karanvir Bohra among others. After all, any sane individual would not favor the development over survival stand.

What Can you and I do?

It is from the common man that a change starts and with the amount of support the issue has gathered a little more would do no harm.

This petition on if signed by all of us will definitely help us to do our bit for the nature.

It is time we should understand that the development cannot be achieved by killing our means of efficient survival.

Anam Mirajkar
Anam Mirajkar

Anam Mirajkar is a media student from Mumbai, part of the editorial team at LAFFAZ. Loves exploring the startup ecosystem and also writes about culture and entertainment.

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