The Rise of Alcoholism in India – Subculture or Malfunction

The Rise of Alcoholism in India
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The gigantic rise of alcoholism in India is one of the major concerns that requires attention. The reason is, the world is a changed place now, the old rules no longer apply. Based on the common mentality of today and sense of freedom, nothing is right or wrong. The only thing that can point you in the right direction is your moral sense of judgement. It is the voice back in your head that reminds you of your bad actions and choices. But when you get too much indulged into such deeds, you start favoring them and confront the ones who interjects or warn you.  

If you feel like that I’m being judgemental here then I would like to mention, at Laffaz, we are happy to be judged and we love being judgemental for stupid things and people performing them. On the similar lines, I have brought a subject of conversation today i.e. The rise of Alcoholism in India. Based on my opinion, I have listed some reasons for it.

The Punjabi Culture:
A major reason for the rise of alcoholism in India

No intention to offend Punjabis. And if it still offends you then let me tell you that I’m a Punjabi too and I don’t favor alcohol consumption, neither I consider drinking vital to show off my culture. Based on the common metality among Punjabis, it is natural to consume alcoholic beverages, be it a party or an evening with friends. Is it the only element on earth that for which these people are living for?

Alcohol is considered as medicine

Yeah! you got it right, it’s not new but I thought of stating it just for fun. It is believed by majority of drinkers that alcohol beverages, so called ‘daru’ as popularly by the youth of India was invented just as a medicine, probably for hypertension. Although, there is no clear evidence to support this fact. But the youth of today smashes all interjections by addressing liquor as the medicine to all illnesses.

Even if we consider it as the medicine then the common sense dictates, no doctor on earth can recommend his/her patient to consume liquor and get high all the time like these binge drinkers of today. A small amount of alcohol can be used to treat hypertension but certainly not the beverage that these alcohol junkies rush to buy from these ugly wine and beer shops. There are hypertension medicines available and prescribed by doctors which contains alcohol as the key composition.

Drinking is also considered as a sign of freedom

Apparently, drinking is getting really common among youth these days. The young boys and girls plan their parties and trips with the sole purpose of getting chance to get away from home to get high on drinks. Back in the days, women and girls really used to prevent drinking and only few were comfortable doing it. But today, things have taken drastic turn. Almost 9 out of 10 girls are comfortable doing it. Don’t get me wrong, just consider that drinking doesn’t play any role in freedom of women and empowerment.

I’m saying this because, alcoholic beverages like beer, whisky, wine and rest of the shit involves major health risks and women are more prone to those risks. Studies prove that cancer in women particularly breast cancer is majorly caused by alcohol consumption. This article from proves it all. Thanks to this article, now I can move ahead without wasting my effort in giving you the proof.

The Punjabi songs

I consider there is a push behind everything that gets common in a very short time period. I’m not ancient but I can still bet that 5 or 6 years back, drinking wasn’t this much common in India. And the biggest push I feel is these shitty Punjabi songs. Almost every Punjabi song of today is scripted around daru and only daru. Be it Sharry mann, Honey Singh, Satinder Sartaj or this new yellow brain species Mankrit Aulakh. Every song portrays drinking as the key element of interest. They always or would say usually mention the word ‘peg’ and ‘daru’ in most of their songs.

I really don’t digest how these people with no aptitude or decency are luring people towards alcoholism. They are doing this shit continuously and it is ever increasing. Aren’t these guys getting sick of doing this shit time and again? I think, alcohol Is the only element left on earth for which these people are living for.