Travel Triangle board lays off the company’s CEO & CTO

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is common to hear news about employee layoffs and startup shutdowns, but it is rare to see C-level delegates leaving the companies. Such a case has been reported earlier today by Entrackr that says Gurugram, India-based travel and hospitality startup, Travel Triangle has relieved its CEO Sankalp Agarwal and CTO Prabhat Gupta.


Sanjeev Misra, COO of Travel Triangle board in an open email communication to all employees of the company denoted that the board has decided to relieve both the CEO and CTO of Travel Triangle, and that he is taking on the role of interim CEO of Travel Triangle w.e.f May 4.

Entrackr, claiming that they have seen a copy of the email, enlisted an excerpt from Misra as,

“By virtue of the decision of the board of directors of the company at its meeting on 31 December, I will take over as the interim CEO of the company until the board decides on the appointment of a long term CEO. The company will appoint a new CTO in due course.”

Since the decision is based on the meeting that was held by the board of directors of the Travel Triangle back in December, it is clear that the decision to lay of Sankalp and Prabhat isn’t entirely based on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

The company has already laid off over 250 employees in March in a wake of steep downfall in revenues amid the pandemic situation.

For further information following this C-level delegate layoff, LAFFAZ has contacted Travel Triangle and will update this news article upon getting a response from the company.

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