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The presentation of information and design used in a website can significantly influence the failure or success. For instance, how we present this information on this website will determine how long you will stay reading this article. A design can have about 75% impact on a website’s credibility, while 88% of clients cannot return to a site with poor UI, regardless of the stature of the business. Therefore, as an owner or web developer, you have to write an expert design brief to create a web design that proves focused.

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An excellent design brief should have sufficient information regarding the purpose of the site, the audience, and the long-term application. Such information can then assist developers in creating meaningful end-products. Research data further proves this assertion as about 38% of website visitors decide to leave whenever the site proves unappealing. So what should you consider when writing your design brief? What constitutes the application and advantages of a good design brief?

An excellent design brief for a website comes in handy when preparing to build a website. Diverse elements have an essential role, especially regarding the site’s functionality regarding SEO and the audience. It can include visual language, CTA’s CMS choice, hosting, etc. Therefore, your design brief must communicate deliverables and crucial information, especially to the specific developers you elect to engage.

According to, the purpose of a design brief, therefore, encompasses the following.

  • Providing the team with a creative and clear vision as set out
  • Help concentrate your resources in allowing for solid web development.
  • It allows web developers to stay on a similar page regarding the objectives.
  • It also minimizes the error margin and miscommunication by having clear documentation.
  • It is also easy when it comes to storage and referencing

Writing Guidelines for the Design Briefs (Web Design)

  • Outsourced or in-house web design facilities. It becomes crucial to determine your web design facilities’ source and whether you will have to outsource your needs to someone else. In instances where you possess in-house developers, then your brief should not have plenty of basic information concerning your business. Outsourcing services will, however, require you to provide all the basic information necessary.
  • Your website’s aim and its services
  • It becomes crucial to outline your business portfolio to achieve clarity regarding the aim of your website to developers. For this reason, it should not matter whether you outsource or rely on in-house developers. Additionally, only write your design brief using a reliable writing platform like Evernote. It will not only help you to write but edit and format the brief as well.
  • Audience and target market details. Once you finish outlining your website’s purpose and the products you want to publish, you must now embark on writing about your targeted audience. It should include the specific territories and markets, target demographics, etc. The selected target audience will significantly influence the web’s design, the hierarchy of information, and the number of multimedia that has to get incorporated. However, it also becomes possible to target and include multiple demographics, especially if your product offer allows.
  • Include diverse website samples. It will largely depend on your tech-savviness regarding web design. But if you prove quite adept, you can incorporate concrete examples to give your developers a good feel of what you want.
  • Development timelines and budget. It encompasses one of the most crucial aspects of your design brief. Web developers have to obtain precise information concerning your timelines besides the available resources to be deployed in the design process. The budget should incorporate the sums of money you have set aside for the design purpose. The urgency upon which you need the deliverables and the scale of design work has to go into the website process. Therefore, detail concrete milestones and dates to give your developers the required clarity. It will assist you in avoiding miscommunication and cooperation issues with unqualified or unfit developers. Additionally, it will also permit you to remain within the confines of your budget.


It becomes critical to write an excellent design brief to get a practical and stunning website design. So incorporate every small detail to ensure that your design brief has all the quality required to execute a brilliant design.

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