ZealPay launches Dara’s ice cream app

The London-born, Cairo-based tech startup ZealPay, has announced the launch of Dara’s Ice-cream App, the goal of the app is to customize rewards and seamless payment experiences for customers with world-class data & analytics to drive higher customer loyalty as well as increase brand loyalty and revenues for Dara’s Ice Cream.


Dara’s Ice Cream plans to build its customer data and insights to understand their behaviour and buying habits. It is a way to attract new customers and still maintain their loyal customers, while still delivering an outstanding customer experience. The app-based loyalty program, powered by ZealPay, comes with 3 main features; QR code payments, delivery, and pickup.

These features will help empower Dara’s Ice Cream to achieve its key objectives which are to give an out-of-this-world happy experience to its customers while connecting with products, shops and people. And with the loyalty app in place, users can gain rewards seamlessly with every purchase they make via the app or in-store.

Speaking of the development, Dara Ghosheh, Founder of Dara’s Ice Cream, in a statement said,

“We are very excited to have ZealPay as our app development partner. The app is an amazing yet simple tool to help us map our customer journey, gain valuable data and insights into their profiles and purchase behaviours, and show appreciation for our existing customers by offering them loyalty incentives and a unique digital & in-store experience.”

ZealPay Founder and CEO Omar Ebeid shared,

“It’s a pleasure to develop an app for a brand so close to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians. It adds a lot of pressure to the Zeal team on delivering an unparalleled experience. We strive to build a world-class experience where we pass all our learnings from our R&D and insights to Dara’s Ice Cream. We’re looking forward to increasing retention, understanding the consumer’s behaviour, and getting this app to #1 on the App Store!”

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