11th #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship Series Probe the Future of Retail in the Middle East

Annex Investments in partnership with GlassQube Coworking powered by Ventures Central hosted the 11th #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship Series entitled “Empowering the retail Entrepreneur”. A virtual event featuring the disruptors, trend-setters and market leaders on an interactive panel discussion concerning the future of retail in the Middle East, opportunities for entrepreneurs, key challenges and response, best practices and the market landscape.


Changes in customer behavior pushed retailers to adopt a more organized pattern as retail industry is one where Entrepreneurs earn rewarding profits through the sale of goods and services via multiple distribution channels. It is essential for the retail market to evolve constantly as it is dependent on the shifting of customer expectations seen clearly in the sheer scale of the Technological and Logistic innovations.

Simarna Singh, Founder of Sustainable Relationship Partners as the event moderator opened the discussion by providing insights on the impact of e-commerce in the retail sector and how businesses, specifically entrepreneurs are adapting.

Sandeep Ganediwalla, Managing Partner of Redseer Consulting gave emphasis on significant opportunities for entrepreneurs in providing enablers as a service to retailers notably in FinTech, Logistics and Experience Services sectors. He further discussed that there are two types of opportunities in retail – the core and enabler opportunities. His value proposition includes bridging the gaps and the use of technology as key growth drivers. He said “Retail as a Sector, it’s about winning the key moments”.

Redseer Middle East in partnership with Annex Investments launched the report “Retail-Tech – The next start-up opportunity” that narrates insights on Outlook of MENA E-commerce , Challenges & Gaps in retail and Key opportunity areas. ( to get a copy of the report click here )

Speaking about the ‘Retail Economic Outlook’, Konrad Kolankiewicz, CEO of Kinan, examines the overall competitiveness of GCC retail industries. Understanding the reality of the market today allows retailers to think about the whole process negotiation for operators to support and meet expectations with regards to loses thus, looking at optimizing portfolios to safeguard the industry. Allowing the industry to be sustainable and make sure that we adapt.

“Lifestyle Shopping Centers is the key , converting the traditional retail to lifestyle centered is the answer to the challenges as people seek social experience” said Kinan

Speaking in the session topic ‘The Power of Differentiation’ Hassan Fadlallah, Founder & CEO of Brand Lounge, advocates,

“There are dimensions in delivering an effective brand experience which are purpose, image, culture and innovation. Hasan discussed on his presentation a number of key points that includes – ideal retail experience, immersive experience, mobile-first commerce and payment revolution leading to his essential advice to retailers which are to Strengthen your differentiation,”

Obsess over customers and experiences, find the fuel for technology investments, use date to automate more decisions and speed up innovation as he said

“The retail experience happens at the intersection between experience and value,” said Hassan

The panel discussion proceeded with Michail Kosak, Co-Founder & Head of Global Community at Due Dash, giving his opening statement on the empowerment of retail entrepreneurs saying,

“It is relevant to always understand how to drive consumers relations and in the space of building communities we must look at what is relevant and how to support them.”

Up next was the participant engagements in the Panel Discussion and Q&A which are generally centred to the opportunities, challenges and the future of the retail industry in the middle east and around the world.

Ventures Central wishes to extend it sincere appreciation to the following agency and strategic partners for their continued support and patronage:

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BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship Series with the successful hosting of the virtual events sets a new trend for entrepreneurs to leverage their brands.

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