Annex Investments 9th B2B Entrepreneurship Series: #BrandFusion Startup Clinic

Annex Investments 9th B2B Entrepreneurship Series: #BrandFusion Startup Clinic
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▸ Annex Investments and Venture Central host monthly edition of #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship series in Dubai.

Dubai, 25 Dec 2019: Annex Investments closes 2019 events calendar with a high note by hosting the 9th B2B Entrepreneurship Series: #BrandFusion Startup Clinic on 19 Dec 2019 at 530 B Saaha Offices Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE.

Launching a startup or running your own business could be stressful and the amount of support you can receive from incubators and accelerators we tag as ‘mentors’ is highly valuable and essential.

2019 was very exciting for Entrepreneurs with new technologies, acceleration programs and support across sectors which is readily available. These had opened new frontiers to explore amazing opportunities to work on. The year ahead will definitely provide entrepreneurs better prospects to unleash their innovative capabilities and break barriers.

Policymakers, regulators, investors, incubators, and entrepreneurs have all played their roles in shaping up UAE’s vibrant startup ecosystem until now. With the industry at its peak of growth, now it is time to be bullish about starting your own business and investing in UAE startups, leveraging the platforms and services offered by the Dubai ecosystem.

The #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship Series provides a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to get mentored by thought leaders and experts, network and leverage its brands. In particular, the 9th edition of #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneursh