#BrandFusion 7 by Venture Central with Annex Investments was a resounding success

Souk Al Bahar, Saaha Offices, Dubai, UAE: The 7th edition of #BrandFusion under the theme B2B Entrepreneurship Series hosted by Venture Central in partnership with Annex Investments on October 29 was opened with a high notes from Mr. Sid Sharma, Marketing Strategist of V7 Group encouraging the whole SME Community, Accelerators and supporting agencies to remain resilient and steadfast as the global market increases its demand  for the forthcoming Dubai Expo 2020. The Expo since its commencement has unveiled various opportunities for different businesses to be set up with more than one hundred and ninety countries participating that will definitely foster multiple partnerships across countries.


Ms. Rachel Walton, Managing Partner of Pop Retail, Dubai laid emphasis on Dubai’s retail industry, its evolution over the past few years and its continuous growth in terms of becoming the key player in the global arena to enhancing customer experiences through innovative approaches, essential in sustaining growth, meeting the changing market conditions and attracting international brands.

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On the other hand, Mr. Bassam Nader, Founder, MC Bassam Entertainers reflected on the power of influential marketing in the areas of retail and entertainment. That directs the overwhelming growth of social media and its scope, more so with its influence in the general masses. It is with no doubt that social media drives ROI and very successful in levering brands worldwide.

The Fashion Incubator ME with its Founder & CEO Ms. Nohir Saleh accentuated over the importance of innovation in manufacturing and retail in terms of supporting the ever-booming fashion industry. In the middle of globalization and digital transformation, one needs to innovate and create value to sustain. Collaboration is the Key.

Open-mic presentations were held at the #brandfusiontalk segment of the event and the centre-stage was on fire. Seven emerging entrepreneurs took the stage by storm with their amazing strategies and anecdotes that exude their passion in entrepreneurship. Mr. Shahzad Bhatti, Founder & CEO, The Co-Dubai took on-stage in his realm as the best brand presenter introducing the Retail Accelerator Mentorship Program of The Co-Dubai being the first coworking space and incubator approved by the Dubai SME supporting small and medium-sized companies with licensing through the Dubai Economic Department.

In the #BrandFusionMarketPlace segment of the event, brands in the categories of retail, luxury, fashion and lifestyle put up their amazing display of products and services that gave attendees a glimpse of the affluent lifestyle and market trends – something to look forward to in the next session. Ideally, the event succeeded also in representing brands across industries.

Mr. Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais, Founder & CEO, Annex Investments believes that SMEs are the backbone of every economy in the world and it is ecstatic to see the growing support of high net-worth individuals and government entities to the private sector as reflected in the high turn out of notable personalities and professionals among the event attendees.

The event wrapped up with the #brandfusionconnect segment which is a business networking opportunity to foster partnerships and collaborations among the attendees – a dedicated avenue for like-minded individuals to connect, influence and help each other grow.

The event concluded with the closing statement by Mr. Jan Bangayan, Managing Partner, Venture Central as…

Venture Central with its mission is making great business ideas into successful and profitable brands wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to its partners for its support and patronage. Your participation and contribution immensely contribute to the success of the event.

For more information  about the coming #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship Series and its upcoming edition, please visit: venturecentral.ae

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