Tech company Elevatus reaches record number of clients & triple revenues amid COVID-19

Featured image: Elevatus co-founders – Yacoub Zureikat (L) and Yara Burgan


▸ Elevatus through its AI solutions helped businesses worldwide accelerate their growth, and manage losses induced by this pandemic.

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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The coronavirus outbreak drove businesses worldwide to pivot their strategies and opt for a change. Scrambling to pick themselves up from the heavy economic blows, businesses are now trying to rebound the colossal impact caused by this pandemic. They have realised the requirement of the right tools, security, and remote work, unlike traditional practices.

Jordan-based Elevatus, a tech provider for an automated decision-making process, paved the way for businesses to re-boost their growth by eliminating lengthy traditional processes and optimizing business practices.

According to the founders, Elevatus’ sales surged exponentially over the course of the second quarter, by tripling in magnitude. Therefore, serving as a ground-breaking record for the tech-providers. As the need for automation and AI tools became highly in demand this year, Elevatus’ solution became widely sought after by businesses who experienced a growth plummet and are in need of a digital transformation.

Speaking of the achievement, Yara Burgan, co-founder of Elevatus, in a statement said,

“COVID19 has served as a catalyst for organizations who are keen on adopting and trying new technologies that would boost their businesses during these hard times.” She elaborated that “People are now looking for simpler ways to hire, assess, train, develop, survey, and make accurate decisions. We provide that through one solution, that can significantly help businesses cut their costs by up to 80% and increase their decision accuracy by 90%.”

On similar lines, Yacoub Zureikat, co-founder of Elevatus, highlighted,

“We believe that Elevatus is the future of A.I and automation for companies worldwide. This future is going to be more collaborative and more inclusive,” he emphasized “Our solution allows everyone within the company to make simpler everyday decisions. The mere aspect of eliminating repetitive tasks and making business processes more intelligent, allows them to adapt to the new norm, which promotes the idea of working outside the traditional setting.”

Elevatus’ one-stop solution eases the process of making faster, wiser, and sharper decisions for businesses by leveraging AI-based automation solutions.

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