Georgia announces the launch of the Crossroads event for startups

The Press Conference announcing the launch of The Crossroads, an event for all startups and entrepreneurs who aspire to find a platform where they can meet, connect, learn, share, develop and grow took place at the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, Tbilisi.


THE CROSSROADS aims to be the most inclusive, diverse and accessible event for the startup sector. The aim is to create a legacy of development and growth in Georgia, the region, and internationally. In an economy where 97% of all startups fail, the aim is to invert that figure, through knowledge exchange, information, investor input, training and upskilling – providing startups with toolkits for success.

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THE CROSSROADS will become a premier platform for the dialogue between those who do, in every sector, those who can support and accelerate growth and development and those that have advanced along the journey and now want to pay it back by sharing experiences and knowledge.

The Press Conference was presented by the Founders, Swethal Kumar, Nikoloz Kobakhidze and Avtandil Kasradze, representing the Georgian Government – the Chairman of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency. Declaring their support to the event were VIP guests, Christian Tabet, Senior Advisor to BP Venture Capital and Launchpad and Irakli Beridze, Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of the United Nations. The event was closed by the President of the Portuguese Business Angel Network, Miguel Henriques. The event was chaired and facilitated by Linda Pereira, an entrepreneur and international Consultant.

The Crossroads Press Conference took place live but was also be streamed via LinkedIn and Facebook for the international community.

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