Lebanese music streaming platform Anghami pledges $3 Mn to support SMEs amid COVID-19

Featured image: Anghami co-founders: Eddy Maroun (L) and Elie Habib (R)


▸ The Lebanon-based Anghami is the leading music streaming platform in the Middle East
▸ The company is running an initiative of running free ads for small businesses since mid-March

The co-founder and CTO of the music streaming platform Anghami, Elie Habib last week revealed that the company since March 15 has been running $850,000 worth of free audio ads for small businesses and has supported 90 SMEs until the date of announcement i.e. April 21.

Talking about the outcome of the ads for small businesses in the Middle East, Habib in a statement said,

“Ads will reach over 13 million people in the Middle East and hopefully will help businesses get through these critical times.”

Apart from this, Anghami is also granting $1.5 million of its ‘Amplify’ credits to over 400 local independent artists to allow them to promote their content on Anghami. The company will soon be launching a ‘Support my music’ button on artists’ pages. Small businesses will soon be able to launch their own web and mobile storefront with free advertising to promote their business on Anghami.

Anghami alongside is also providing a $6 family plan to allow six people to get the full Anghami Plus experience. This discounted price will be valid for 12 months.

Sharing core cognition behind the initiative, Habib in a statement said,

“As an active member of the Arab community at large and its start-up ecosystem, but also as a founding member of the digital music community in the region, we believe we have to be outspoken about the necessity for everyone who can, to do more.”

Habib also highlighted a new facility for its members of the public that allows them to suggest any other means of support for artists, members and SMEs amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Talking about the development, Habib said,

“And we’re far from done. While more challenging times unfold, we’re all together in this, trying to play a part as much as we can. The ball is in your court now – got an idea that could contribute? Reach out to us at [email protected].”

“Together we will overcome this crisis, and tomorrow will play a better tune,” – Habib added

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