Meet Nude Models of India, women who earn living with utmost dignity

Courtesy: TN Plus


Just a couple of days back a video story from Times Now caught my eye. The video featured on TN Plus YouTube channel titled “Meet Nude Models – Odd Jobs – Episode 6” kept triggering my mind and I finally decided to bring forth the same to LAFFAZ users.

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As soon as one reads the title of the video, the first thing that comes to mind is very obvious i.e. Porn, but it is not. The video showcases the stories of just a couple of Indian women from Delhi and Mumbai respectively that make living posing nude in front of art students and not indulging in any activities that the society might try tagging them with.

It is affirmative that helplessness most times leads people to wrong paths in life, but these women are making life for themselves with more dignity than what people might be thinking about them. And they have a right to feel proud of themselves.

Wajiha Wahab
Wajiha Wahab

Part of the editorial team at LAFFAZ, Delhiite by birth, Wajiha possesses a keen interest in reading about startups, accumulating information and presenting the same to the audience impressively.
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