Evolution of Pakistani Dramas – what you need to know

Pakistani Dramas Evolution Fame
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Pakistani Dramas made their way to the Indian audiences in around 2013 or 2014 through Zindagi Channel. It was around at that time, Indians were fed up with the highly unrealistic Saas-Bahu Sagas. Pakistani Dramas offered the touch of reality in their Settings and most importantly costumes. After that, a majority of the Indian Audience shifted their area of interest towards it by crushing over the two most Popular Dramas, “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” and “Humsafar”. However, a lot of stereotypes were portrayed by such Dramas too but evolution helped them to outgrow such misleading portrayals. Here in this article, I would like to point out the nature of Pakistani Dramas which are still in the state of evolving.

The Rona-Dhona

Accept it or not, Quite a lot of the Pakistani Dramas have most of the content featuring the women crying and helpless. It sometimes also feels like the 2000 episodes Hindi serials are shrunk into a 22 episodes series. Maya Ali, the Mann Mayal Actress had admitted in one of her interviews at Tonite with HSY that the makers of a show carry forward with their projects with the idea that the TRP’s are bought mostly by showing a lot of emotional scenes and Rona-Dhona. Also, most of the shows tend to revolve around, The triple Talaq, Halala or cousin marriage. This often narrows their scope by promoting the fact that these are the only things around which a Pakistani Family’s life revolves.

Misinterpretation of Islamic Laws

The Pakistani Dramas represent the Islamic lifestyle way more than any other country. However, there have been quite a few such instances wherein in the idea of creativity they tend to mislead the audience about the Islamic laws. For Example, the idea of Halala is shown as a planned marriage in order to reunite with the first person which is a highly prohibited act. Shows Like Zara Yaad Kar and Tumhare Siwa can be called out as the ones broadcasting the distorted image of halala and divorce.

The Positive side

Even after talking about the negative aspects, it is impossible to not notice and acknowledge the positive side of the dramas created by the neighbouring country. These dramas have saved us from the neverending Shaadi sequences shrunk down to 5-10 Minutes. Moreover, Quite a lot of social Issues have been given importance in quite a few shows. It can also be said that Women Liberty is promoted in its true sense. Taking the example of Kashaf Murtaza’s Character from Zindagi Gulzar hai as a self-made and intellectual woman is an inspiration to many. Yakeen Ka Safar Can be regarded as one of the best show of the previous year dealing with issues that need to be thrown light on. Woman Empowerment and the Failure of delivery of Justice in the nation are the two main important themes of the show. Being unique in itself, it didn’t let the chemistry between the protagonist relationship distract the audience from the main message that had intended to be delivered.


The Dramas in the Pakistani industry are in a state of change and are definitely evolving for good trying to eliminate their negative sides. With a variety of topics taken up, the good ones definitely make up for a good binge-watching session.

So now, I would like to hear from you guys. Is Pakistani dramas a part of your entertainment? What are your favourite Pakistani dramas of all time?

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