Shop101 – Mumbai-based social E-commerce startup raises INR 29 Cr funding

Mumbai, Maharashtra-based social E-commerce startup Shop101 on Friday raised INR 28.69 Cr (around $3.8 Mn) from in its ongoing Series C round from Stellaris Venture Partners India, Unilever Venture Holdings, Kalaari Capital Partners, and VY Capital Holdings Limited.


According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) filings, Shop101 has raised INR 13.69 Cr from VY Capital, INR 4.5 Cr from Kalaari Capital, INR 9.1 Cr from Unilever Venture Holdings, and 1.36 Cr from Stellaris Venture Partners.

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The e-commerce startup has issued a total of 1,66,812 preference shares at a premium of INR 1620 per share with a face value of INR 100 to all investors.

About Shop101

Founded in 2016 by IIT alumni Abhinav Jain and Aditya Gupta, Shop101 helps established merchants including housewives, college students and young graduates sell their products and also resell the products listed in Shop101 inventory via social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and more. The company also provides end-to-end order processing, inventory management, logistics, and payment support.

As listed on Crunchbase, Shop101 back in May 2018 raised $5 million from Stellaris Venture Partners and $11 million from Kalaari Capital and Unilever Venture Holdings.

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