Here’s how to give yourself every chance of success as a startup

Startup Success Tips
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Startups know that they have to work harder to achieve the same results that a larger company might enjoy. It’s part of having limited utilities based on their humble beginnings and funding, and while this can be a difficult period, it can also teach great amounts, while giving you that flexibility and freedom you may come to miss later on down the line.

Giving yourself every chance of success as a startup, then, requires a careful approach, a willing desire to make the best of the tools on offer, and of course, removing obstacles from your way or engaging with them not as stopping points, but challenges.

This is all very well to say in the introductory paragraph of an advisory article, but how are you supposed to achieve all this while developing your unique selling points and never allowing the stress to get to you? Well, we’re not here to say that you need to do it all perfectly. We just encourage you to give yourself every chance of success. Here are a few tips regarding how:

1. Ensure your devices are suitable

It’s essential to make sure that the IT devices you use are up to the task. Without digital flexibility, a modern startup cannot exist, because this kind of digital capability is exactly what can help a small hustling startup even begin in the first place. Notice how startups were much less possible before the current digitization of the workforce. For this reason, investing in proper devices, or partaking in a speedup approach to maintain your computers, and using an IT managed service to aid you in cybersecurity as an essential investment, all of this can be key.

2. Set daily work hours

Startups can benefit from their flexibility, and it may be tempting to work at it when you can and when you want to. But remember that just because startups enjoy a little more openness, it doesn’t mean that your standard ability to focus like a normal person is totally out of sync with everyone else. Setting daily work hours and a proper schedule can help you make measured progress as opposed to scant contributions. It’s very important for startups to develop this kind of discipline because they’re already on the backfoot.

3. Outsource

Even companies with hundreds of employees haven’t the capabilities of adopting every single skillset possible into their hierarchical structure, and so it’s important to make sure we stay reasonable about our own capabilities with a shoestring staff. Outsourcing is the way to go from time to time, investing in that which is truly important. Using a freelance graphic designer to design your logo and social media banners, for instance, can be a great investment, as can using an SEO firm to help you compete in your local area by raising your Google search rankings. If you’re working with international partners, then using translation services could prove very useful to your startup. Even startups have to spend money to make money – what matters is knowing how to spend.

4. Focus on revenue

It is the wisest approach towards doing any type of business whether a startup, SME, or Industry. When you take a revenue-based approach, you automatically warrant your business for securing funds from external investors. There are minuscule funding chances for startups that focus on garnering funds prior to generating revenue. Investors don’t go out with a leap of faith but numbers that signify your business’s success in monetary terms. And when you are focused on revenue, you make every possible move to create a business model that could make you real money.

5. Get your brand marketing done right

When we talk about digital marketing today, we hardly think beyond Facebook and Google Ads for lead generation. Remember, organic traffic is king and running an online property comes with the responsibility of building trust around it. When a user witnesses your content in Google’s top results, you earn yourself a higher chance of turning her into a customer. And in today’s time, SEO is a slow and never-ending process because Google practices its search algorithms strictly. But there is are ways to save the load, as a wise man said “Work Smart Not Hard”. Secure product reviews on Google, Facebook and any other platforms that you find on the web. Build backlinks to your website pages by publishing guest posts on media sites and blogs. And here are some of the best SEO tips to help you reach your audience organically.

Over to you

I certainly believe, the above tips will help you take a wiser approach towards building and running a startup in today’s highly competitive business era. Keep trying and learn new things to give yourself every chance of success as a startup.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, experience and comments.

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