My List of Top 10 English Mystery Novels of All Time

Top English Mystery Novels of All Time
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In a world where everything is overexposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery and that’s how the genre has kept itself alive. Mystery has always been one of my favorite genres and has fascinated me always. With mainly being a fan of Agatha Christie and having read quite a lot of her books; I feel that reading mystery books not only make you clever but also helps you create that resentment in your relationships which is helpful in the long run.

Although, I have written tons of book reviews till date, but in this article, I have come up with short descriptions of all my favorite mystery novels for you to sneak-peek before you buy.

The best mystery novels of all time

Here’s to the list of my favorite mystery novels which you must read if you love mystery. The storylines of these books don’t just involve murder and crime but also philosophy at times straight from my bookshelf.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

An There Were None by Agatha Christie

An island with 10 strangers landing on it with various motives come along just to learn that they have to pay for the sins they all have committed in their respective lives and finding each of them dying in mysterious circumstances is definitely a plot which stands out from others. Adapted into a famous Bollywood horror flick “Gumnam” this book is evidently way more than the movie with a way more realistic ending and approach this book keeps the reader engrossed till the end.

Published: 1944

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Endless Night by Agatha Christie

Endless Night by Agatha Christie - Laffaz

A beautiful love story of Penniless Michael Rogers and Ellie in Gypsy’s acre with a touch of darkness due to their ignorance to an old woman’s warning of an ancient curse is what this book is all about along with friendships, love and betrayal. A little different from the other books of Agatha Christie with a touch of romance and an unexpected end gives this story its spark.

Published: 30 October 1967

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Night Time Is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark

Mystery Books - Night Time is My Time by Marry Higgins Clark

What if a serial killer is on the lose from the past 16 years and the most famous detective in town is yet to find many of the links? A High School Reunion turns into a nightmare for its alumni with a 17-year-old student struggling to find the facts to make his article interesting for the college magazine makes it somewhat funny, yet thrilling experience.

Published: April 2004

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