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Yeh Waqt bhi Guzar Jaega – An Ironic Quote by Birbal

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The famous Jodi of Akbar and Birbal is surely not unknown to us. And also, Birbal being one of the nine gems of Akbar’s court is known for his incredible ideology and conceptualization. Something that inspires me a lot is ”Yeh Waqt Bhi Guzar Jaega” quote by Birbal. It was merely an answer to Akbar’s question.

To keep all readers in sync, I would like to explain the meaning of “Yeh Waqt Bhi Guzar Jaega” in English.

The history behind “yeh waqt bhi guzar jaega”

So the heading lies behind one such scene when Akbar asked Birbal to write one such quote which makes you depressed if you are contented and happy if you are sad.

Following the command that Birbal wrote:


The saying being very true highlights the basic concept of life where happiness and sadness are the two individual phases of human life cycle.

It’s good if you realize the importance of both and accordingly make your decision rather being upset about the same.

Life is a rollercoaster with several peaks and valleys, few people enjoy their ride while others crip at every segment. Life indeed is a mysterious play where each one of us has no idea what is going to happen the next second, we actually are unaware of the fact that it might be the last time we meet our friends and family members, also any of our breaths can be the last one.

Life is unpredictable and this is what adds charm and glory to it.

What if we already knew what is going to happen next?

How would our lives be if we actually could predict what is going to happen the next instance? What if we already knew who is going to leave us forever or if a new person is soon going to affect our lives?

I believe that life is fascinating due to the fact that it is unpredictable. You realize the importance of someone in your life just because you have no idea when you greet him/her for the last time, when you could actually touch him/her for the last time or when can you actually convey your feeling towards them for the very last time.

Fear of sorrow

It is the threat of depression and sorrow, that happiness attracts everyone. If there would have been no pain, no agony then the pleasure of happiness would have never been encouraged or rather would have never been experienced.

Through the thick and thins of life, a ray of hope always finds its way. Neither happiness nor sadness is permanent, these are the different phases of life which makes life fruitful and worth living.

Sun always rises the next day after sunset

Life is not a piece of cake at every instance, it is rather a brutal reality where willingly or unwillingly you have to accept both the pros and cons.

Neither the period of happiness nor sorrow lasts forever, they are rather phases of our lives which teaches us some of the other lessons. Feeling of depression, pain and agony are like black clouds which unnecessarily gather around us, and happiness is then felt like a ray of hope which comes with sunrise the next morning.

Over to you!


I hope you accept the life the way it is rather than crippling about what you lack.

Feel free to write your views below.

Thank you!

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