Bill Gates takes a dig at billionaires doing space explorations

Bill Gates dig billionaires space explorations
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So this comes from a recent episode of the Late Show with James Corden welcoming billionaire Bill Gates with an opening note, “Can I say a personal thank you for being the one billionaire who is not trying to escape the planet earth on a spaceship at the moment.”

Responding to the first question of Corden, Bill Gates opined,

“I don’t know – I’ve become obsessed with things like Malaria and HIV and getting rid of those diseases, and I probably bore people at cocktail parties talking about diseases,” Gates said when Corden asked about his thoughts on some billionaires’ interest in space travel. “Space? We have a lot to do here on Earth.”

Responding to the same, Corden said,

And then the shows continues on lines of Bill Gate’s bestselling book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster‘ as it was a special Climate Night edition of The Late Show with James Corden.

A few moments later, what we witness is a tweet from the official Twitter handle of The Late Show with James Corden – depicting the clip from the show.

It is important to note while Bill Gates is creating awareness about climate and deadly diseases, other billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos both are busy with their plans to scale to outer space. Musk making plans to colonize Mars and Bezos wants to offload carbon-heavy industries on other planets. Back in July Bezos and Richard Branson flew their jets into space that costed billions of dollars too.

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