The Mantra of Happiness for this New Year 2018

New Year is undoubtedly the time when you think of doing things which you haven’t done till now, accomplish things which you haven’t yet. At the same time there comes challenges which obstruct you from implementing your plans. Some challenges are fixable while some looks impossible to bypass. Whatever your goal is, whether personal or professional, the biggest challenge you face is relationship. Relationships are of many types: perfect, broken and partially broken. A relationship that is not perfect always affects you, your work, personal growth and ultimately your goals.



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At this time, let’s make it our resolution to fix all of our problems to stay happy in 2018. To give a clear picture of the resolution, I would like to show you this picture and elaborate over the 5 points mentioned in it.


1. Stay away from One-Sided Love

Being in love is good only if the other person loves you equally. Love is selfless but it only works out if the other person is also selfless. I’m sick and tired of listening to the common yet senseless advise of immature people “Love others but don’t expect them to love back”. And if you think that I’m wrong then just ask yourself, what is the use of loving someone who doesn’t know it, who doesn’t care for it? Hopefully, you will get the answer.

2. Apologize and Forgive Others

Okay, so you think apologizing will make you inferior and being egoistic will make you superior. Believe me, this is not happening. For you, all it is important is to keep yourself at peace, and for that you need apologize to people who are upset and have a bone to pick with you. Also, you must forgive others for their offenses against you; it is tough but significant for you. It is a natural phenomenon, the more you forgive people, the less you think about them. And it is important to forget people you hate; so just forgive them and move on. This will also help you gain exposure in terms of meeting new people and henceforth, making new friends.

3. Stay Away from Selfish Friends

We all have friends, a best one, some are good, some who holds the name tag of ‘friend’ and actually doesn’t care about us. Such friends are only efficient in making us feel bad, disrespecting us and hurting us. Nobody wants to get hurt. Remember, friendship is about being selfless. A selfish friend always acts like your offender and being a part of the circle he/she has the capability to put you down in front of others.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

In the words of Bill Gates “Don’t compare yourself with others, if you do so, you are insulting yourself”. If you are single, people will always provoke you to get into relationship and you may get influenced by people in relationship. This influence is the outcome of the comparison you do of yourself with other people. Even if you are in relationship, you will still be comparing your relationship with others. And this will continue to poison your daily life until you stop comparing.

5. Learn to say F*ck You!

When things don’t work even after trying time and again, admit that the other person is not keen to resolve things. Stop seeking apology from that person. Let that person move and remove yourself from that person too. Trust me, you will learn to choose friends even more wisely after that. Ultimately, you will be more happier person and hardly think about the offences of that person.

Over to you

It is my pleasure in sharing this mantra which I have crafted out of my learnings from this very year 2017. The biggest learning I got this year is ‘Love has no labels‘. And I recommend the same to you. Don’t always think of naming or categorizing your relationship with someone. Always try to upkeep people who love you selflessly and put your best effort to mend yourself with them if things fall apart.

Please share your learnings from 2017 and plans for 2018 in the comments sections below.

Happy New Year!


M Haseeb
M Haseeb

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