Reminiscing 2017 and Heading Towards 2018

Reminiscing 2017 and Heading Towards 2018
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2017, yet another glorious year added to our diaries of memories. It seems like the entire year of 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours and many many minutes and seconds passed within a blink of an eye. So the New Year has already begun and I’m busy recollecting my thoughts and experience of 2017; and after this, I finally will be heading towards 2018 😛

The year must have been charmed and fortunate for some but also ill-fated and miserable for many. It must have lead to upliftment of many and also degrade for some. But still memories are memories no matter good or bad. We do learn from each incident in our lives.

I would like to dedicate this article to the events no matter good or bad that changed lives of people in the year 2017 thereby mentioning a few of them.

1. GST Goods and Services Tax

The much contested goods and services tax was rolled out on July 1, 2017 which lead to abolishment of multiple taxes levied by the government. This being a major step undertaken by the Prime Minister affected a large section of the society as it replaced 15 different taxes and various cesses imposed by the state and the central government.

Though there have been a number of changes since GST has come into action, the Indian citizens are still hoping for betterment or the “ache din” as promised by PM Modi.

2. ISRO Continues to Make India Proud

It was yet another year of jubilation for Indian Space Research Organisation – ISRO for it achieved a historic feat of having launched a massive 104 satellites using its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle – PSLV.

On February 15, the Indian rocket successfully managed to launch Cartostat-2 (India’s earth observation satellite weighing 714 kgs) along with 103 other co-passenger satellites in a single go. Apart from these, the heaviest rocket GSAT-19 launched on June 5 followed by the GSAT-17 staellite on June 29. 

ISRO is aiming bigger and better accomplishments in the next couple of years with the planned launch of Chandrayaan II and Aditya-L1.

3. FIFA Youth World Cup in India

Now coming on the sports section. India hosted the 17th FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 from 6th to 28th October. This marked the first ever FIFA held across six cities in India. In a tourney that saw participants across 24 countries across the world, England defeated competitor Spain in the final match to clinch the coveted title.

4. Rising air pollution across Indian cities.

Cities in India were seen at a critical stage this year as the toxic haze choked many Indian citizens mostly the Delhiites. People tend to move in the city like masked mercenaries to accomplish their daily work. This unprecedented rise of air pollution in 2017 and the harm it caused will remain be there in the minds of people at least for the next year.

5. Virushka Tied the Knot


So the most awaited event of 2017, Virushka Wedding; now called ‘The Wedding of the Decade’ The most famous couple bridging the gap between cricket and Bollywood finally tied the knot this year in December. Their wedding was held in Italy followed by an elite reception in Delhi as well as in Mumbai. Though the year was no less than a roller coaster but as it passed it filled all of our hands with lots and lots of memories to be cherished for lifetime.

6. New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions-laffaz-media

While heading towards 2018, it is important to have certain goals and objectives which you have to set in order to achieve a gut feeling by the end of next year. Resolutions define our determination, perseverance and the greed to attain a particular thing which would lead to a better future. A glorious New Year lies in front of us and it is in our hands to either make it profitable and substantial or futile and unavailing. As a wiseman said…

“Success is never served as a platter in a decorated plate but it’s sheer determination and hunger that you earn it”

If you are yet to create resolutions for next year then you might need to go through our previously published feed on 10 Critical Steps to Make your 2018 Happy.

Are you Really Heading Towards 2018?

I tried collaborating a few major events both good and bad which affected the life of people in the year 2017. As the year passed it gifted us tons of memories and incidences to be laughed at, remain happy for the next year and many years to come. Let each one of us welcome 2018 with optimism and mark the auspiciousness of the years passed.

Please share your experiences and new year resolutions in the comments below.

A very happy New Year ones again!

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