Shahrukh Khan to Receive ‘Dubai Star’ Title for ‘Dubai Walk of Fame’ Project

Bollywood’s ‘King Khan’ Shah Rukh Khan has been named as the second celebrity to receive a Dubai Star award on the Dubai Walk of Fame project, after Elie Saab back in April who was the first global celebrity to receive the award.


The announcement was made on Wednesday 26 June via the official Twitter account of Dubai Stars @TheDubaiStars.

Khan considers Dubai as his second home and he is also the brand ambassador of the long-term tourism campaign of Dubai #BeMyGuest which was launched in 2016 and has received 100 million users worldwide.

At the launch of the latest installment of #BeMyGuest, Khan said…

“I have been travelling regularly to this wonderful city for years and each time I visit, I’m just amazed by so much that’s new, exciting and the best-of-its-kind in the world. But beyond the fresh and exciting things to explore, what I find truly memorable is the soul of the city – its people and hospitality – that make every visit even more remarkable.”

“Dubai is a truly fantastic destination with so much to discover, whether it’s family entertainment, culture, adventure, or food, and its superlative service that makes it the must-visit destination for everyone.”

Shahrukh Khan

About The Dubai Stars

Dubai Stars was announced in Downtown Dubai – the tourism hub of Dubai in March this year by Emaar Properties to honour the eminent personalities who have positively influenced the world through their work in various fields including music, film, art, architecture, sports, and literature as well as social influencers.

Dubai Stars is going to be a home of 400 global stars initially, which will be unveiled in an event in October this year.

Dubai Stars at its completion will have over 10,000 stars, about four times the number of stars than Hollywood Walk of Fame and is expected to become one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the city.

If you would like to submit your nomination suggestions for Dubai Stars, just head over to VOTING CLOSES at midnight (GST) on Friday, June 30.

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Image credits & Source: Arabian Business

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