Struggles of Traveling with Family on Low Budget

There’s no denying the fact that I love traveling. Well, who doesn’t? But when it comes to traveling with family on a low budget, things go differently. In addition, if it’s a family holiday, that’s where the story takes an interesting turn. You will relate to these only if you have ever lived or traveled with a family that is always on a budget.


So come aboard and let’s get started on the journey!

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1. Plane vs. Train

Since the prices of flights sour in holiday seasons, the only thing left is ‘compromise’. So instead of having comfortable and less time-consuming travel option, you have to drift towards the other option ‘the train’!

But never underestimate the power of a local train. It not only offers you an uncomfortable berth to sleep, it also gives immense interruption from strangers sitting on the neighboring seats and unexpected stoppage on every junction.

2. Packing

Alert! Alert! If you’re planning to wear your best clothes during the trip and then spam your Instagram and Facebook feed with the best of your pictures, err.. You just can’t do that because you have to share your bag with your siblings. So you have to manage with just a few clothes with rarely any option for shoes.

Also, who’s going to carry the luggage everywhere? Duhh! And according to your parents, everybody will easily believe that you visited two distinct cities in a day!!

3. Sharing

The old phrase that said, “Sharing is caring” no more stands true. Instead, it should go like “Sharing is effing daring”. Why? Because from hotel rooms to your phone camera, you have to share everything! Because that’s what you’re supposedly taught since childhood. *Weep* And sometimes when you have a fellow family traveling, it goes next level.

4. Photos

Free tip: Leave your phone at home before leaving for such trips. Because, when you return, there’ll be more photos of your family and company, then you had ever had of your own. Also, never forget the unending photobombing the younger kids do while you’re just going to get the perfect picture.

5. Decisions

If you ever think you can decide what places are actually worth visiting and which ones should be skipped or what to eat, you’re wrong. Because it is always the elder ones, your local cab driver or the hotel concierge or someone else with free advice. Not you. After all, what do you and your Google knows?

6. Shopping

Since, you’re always advised to visit the local market for the famous thing of the city that you could take home; you definitely go there! But when you actually want to buy something you always get to hear that “Ye sab to apne shehar mein bhi milega!” that goes like “You can get the same things in our city as well, that too cheaper!” *Dramatic eye roll*

So all you get to take are souvenirs for the family members who did not come on the trip. For example, Taj Mahal miniatures from Agra, wooden boats from Chennai and candles from Nainital.

7. Facebook & Instagram, the devil’s doubles

I am always on Facebook. And my friends and my family and then my family’s friends and so on.. Phew!

I bet you must have had a day when you wake up, check your phone and there are bombarding of notifications that people are liking and commenting on the pictures you’re being tagged in. And surprise, you’re either not in the pictures or they are the worst of what you could imagine. Congratulations!

And never forget the embarrassing check-ins!

So even if you’re planning to hide your trip from your teachers or your boss, the news has already spread. Thanks to social media.

Do you relate?

There is no problem or pity in traveling with family, it is the allocated budget that revokes our happiness. Traveling with family is in fact, one of the best segments of life no matter how much do you struggle. And it is important to spend your time with family, so cherish it.

In any way you’ve come across any such incidents, do comment below to share 🙂

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Nikita Gaur
Nikita Gaur

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