Want to Travel Abroad? Let’s Explore Places & best Hotels in Bangkok

Travel to Bangkok
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Bangkok is the capital of the kingdom of Thailand, this Asian city is full of contrasts that make it one of the most visited cities in the world.

To speak of Bangkok is to speak of culture, tradition, history, and gastronomy, but it is also to speak of modernity and vanguard.

There is no denying that Bangkok is a city that has it all. A large number of activities to do in the capital, usually go from the historical to the modern of each site and there is something for every taste.

These possibilities translate into many people who yearn to know them, and who visit the capital. To host so many people, there are plenty of options, and there are options for absolutely all budgets.

However, the decision to choose accommodation can be somewhat complicated and stressful, for that reason I wrote this guide to help you decide which area to stay in when you go to Bangkok.

General description of Bangkok

Bangkok is often synonymous with chaos. The Thai city is full of movement, which generally translates into a huge, tangled and chaotic city that generates hundreds of sensations in the visitor.

It is one of the cities with more traffic in the world, which if you add the heat, make it as diverse as it is unique. The city usually receives its visitors with a cultural shock that affects the majority, but which is worth experiencing.

How to get around in Bangkok?

Being such a big city, it is not surprising that there are many means of transport to get around Bangkok.

These are your main options to move around Bangkok:

Walk – Obviously the cheapest option is to walk. Although Bangkok is a very large city, there are many distances that are “walkable”, for example, the route of the most important temples.

Tuk-Tuk – This transport option is one of the most classic. The famous tuk-tuks are a kind of motorcycle adapted for public transport and are characteristic of Thailand and several countries of Southeast Asia.

They are good for moving short distances, only before going up negotiates and agrees well with your driver price, so you do not take surprises or cheat (which is usually very common).

Taxis – For journeys that are longer, a good option is to use one of the thousands of taxis you will find around the city. My recommendation is that if you do, insist the driver put his meter.

Be careful, since in the busiest hours, the amount of traffic is usually huge and traveling by taxi would be very expensive.