Want to Travel Abroad? Let’s Explore Places & best Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of the kingdom of Thailand, this Asian city is full of contrasts that make it one of the most visited cities in the world.


To speak of Bangkok is to speak of culture, tradition, history, and gastronomy, but it is also to speak of modernity and vanguard.

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There is no denying that Bangkok is a city that has it all. A large number of activities to do in the capital, usually go from the historical to the modern of each site and there is something for every taste.

These possibilities translate into many people who yearn to know them, and who visit the capital. To host so many people, there are plenty of options, and there are options for absolutely all budgets.

However, the decision to choose accommodation can be somewhat complicated and stressful, for that reason I wrote this guide to help you decide which area to stay in when you go to Bangkok.

General description of Bangkok

Bangkok is often synonymous with chaos. The Thai city is full of movement, which generally translates into a huge, tangled and chaotic city that generates hundreds of sensations in the visitor.

It is one of the cities with more traffic in the world, which if you add the heat, make it as diverse as it is unique. The city usually receives its visitors with a cultural shock that affects the majority, but which is worth experiencing.

How to get around in Bangkok?

Being such a big city, it is not surprising that there are many means of transport to get around Bangkok.

These are your main options to move around Bangkok:

Walk – Obviously the cheapest option is to walk. Although Bangkok is a very large city, there are many distances that are “walkable”, for example, the route of the most important temples.

Tuk-Tuk – This transport option is one of the most classic. The famous tuk-tuks are a kind of motorcycle adapted for public transport and are characteristic of Thailand and several countries of Southeast Asia.

They are good for moving short distances, only before going up negotiates and agrees well with your driver price, so you do not take surprises or cheat (which is usually very common).

Taxis – For journeys that are longer, a good option is to use one of the thousands of taxis you will find around the city. My recommendation is that if you do, insist the driver put his meter.

Be careful, since in the busiest hours, the amount of traffic is usually huge and traveling by taxi would be very expensive.

Uber – Lately, this option has grown a lot in the Thai capital, dethroning the taxis. As you probably know, Uber is an application with which you can order a car through your cell phone to take you to your desired place.

I recommend that when you can, use it. In Bangkok, the rates are usually comfortable and the service very good.

Ship: Bangkok is a city that is connected by a river called Chao Phraya. Local people, usually use the boat to move around because of its simplicity and to avoid the traffic of the city, so for you, it can also be a very good option.

My recommendation is that you look at the boat that is “local” since there are several specials for tourists that are much more expensive.

Metro and SkyTrain – to close, I tell you about these two transportation options in the city, which are also excellent ways to get around in a simple and cheap way: The metro and the Sky Train.

Bangkok is one of the few cities in the world that has both services, that of an underground train and one that goes above the streets. It is very easy to use them since the signs of each station are also in English.

Where to stay in Bangkok?

Once you have an overview of the city, and how to move around it, here are the areas in which you can look for accommodation in Bangkok.

In each of these areas, I mention some of its advantages and disadvantages and a couple of accommodation options there, so you can make a better decision when looking for accommodation in the capital. Bangkok is one of the most famous cities in Asia, so you can easily find cheap flights to Bangkok from any origin.

Where to stay in Bangkok – Zone 1, Kao San Road

One of the most famous areas to stay is Kao San, for being the backpacker neighborhood par excellence and for being close to the main attractions of the city.

The street of Kao San is one of the most famous of the backpackers’ community around the world and has become a reference for the majority of that public.

If you want a cheap option, and also be at the foot of the Bangkok party, this is your option.

Hotel recommended in this area

The Alley Hostel & Bistro: This beautiful hostel is located 200 meters from Kao San, and is an excellent option to be close to the action, but to rest well. Shared rooms start at $ 9 USD.

Where to stay in Bangkok – Zone 2, Area around Kao San Road

When I went to Bangkok, if I was sure, I wanted a place to sleep and rest, I did not want a place full of partying. I discovered that there are many accommodation options that are far enough from Kao San to not hear their noise, but close to the main attractions of the city.

There are many hotels and hostels that are precisely in the vicinity of this street (a maximum of 10 minutes walking from it), and that are an excellent option if you are looking for a place to rest and that is central.

Recommended hotels in this area

Once Again Hostel: One of my favorite hostels in Bangkok is this one. It is located 10 minutes’ walk from Kao San (near the Golden Mountain) and is an excellent choice for service, comfort and design. Shared rooms start at $ 12 USD.

Suneta Hostel: This beautiful and modern hostel has private and shared rooms. It is located 3 blocks from Kao San, so the location is very good. The service is very good, and they offer clean and comfortable rooms. The shared rooms are feminine and mixed and start at $ 10 USD.

Where to stay in Bangkok – Zone 3, Area outside the Chao Phraya River

One of the areas that not many consider staying is precisely the one that is on the other side of the Chao Phraya River, that is, the opposite zone in which most temples and attractions are located.

However, staying here can be a very good option if you want to know another area of Bangkok.

Recommended hotels in this area

Grandpa’s Hostel: This is a modern hostel offering new, comfortable and clean rooms, with private rooms. The shares start at $ 9 USD.

Try My Bed Hostel: This hostel is new in the area, and offers clean rooms with a beautiful design. Shared rooms start at $ 9 USD.

Where to stay in Bangkok – Zone 4, Financial zone

The so-called Bangkok financial zone is known in that way because it is full of the modern spirit of the city. Here you can find hundreds of huge skyscrapers and shopping centers, which make a very interesting contrast.

Staying in this area is for you if you want to be closer to the not-so-well-known attractions of the city, and you want to experience it’s more modern and avant-garde side, which is very worthwhile.

Recommended hotels in this area

MonkeyNap Hostel: This nice hostel is located a few minutes’ walks from the train station, and is a very good option if you are looking for a place with excellent service and comfort. It has private rooms and the shared rooms start at $ 9 USD.

168 Hostel: This modern hostel is located a few meters from one of Bangkok’s most famous shopping centers, the MBK. It offers a very clean place with excellent service. It has shared rooms and some rooms are very small private rooms, capsule style. The shares start at $ 11 USD.

I have always said that the place where you stay on a trip, can make the complete difference so that you enjoy it to the fullest or it becomes an unpleasant experience.

Bangkok is a very big city, so I hope that this guide has helped you to choose the best accommodation for your next visit.

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