Top 10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs backed with noteworthy quotes

As an aspiring entrepreneur or wannapreneur, an individual should start her/his development by accepting and building various mental, emotional and social characteristics which are required for the attainment of goals. In today’s time of social media and abundance of inspiration and motivational quotes backed with content marketing tactics, people have started to believe in the argument that narrates ‘inspiration as delusional’. But as far as my belief is concerned, it ain’t about how somebody is pushing the content through, it’s about how one perceives it.


Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and it can be incredibly rewarding to be an entrepreneur, but it is definitely really hard amid today’s competitive business environment. Be noted that entrepreneurs work harder than their workers and put in long hours while taking on much more risk whilst surpassing distractions from peers.

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Before you quit your job and step up with your startup journey, there are numerous questions that you have to ask yourself and be willing to take the risks, and heart-piercing statements from the naysayers.

In this article, we skip past the cheesy click-bait expressions and delve into the ten chief characteristics of successful business personalities. Though ‘what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur’ can be a broad question with a never-ending answer, I wanted to share some of the top characteristics of successful entrepreneurs in the most concise way possible, while sharing with you some of the great quotes from successful entrepreneurs and change-makers.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the top characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

1. Dream

Visionary entrepreneurs don’t actually set vanity metrics like CTR, page-views, funnels, active users blah blah blah right at the beginning. Instead, they have a vision, a dream that triggers passion and action. Most of the time, a great startup idea comes from a personal need or concern for which there isn’t a good solution available in the market. And that’t what great entrepreneurs do, they figure out what’s missing and even if a great solution is present in the market, they focus on identifying its existing gaps and try to fill in the same by creating their very own solutions.

On these lines, here’s an interesting quote from Walt Disney – reflecting his vision for fulfilling his dream.

walt disney quotes

2. Desire

A productive entrepreneur is passionate about solving problems and not just business or to make money. At the same time, they upkeep with the challenges and appreciate every small thing they do whilst putting long hours. People with enthusiasm know what inspires them to continue working to fulfill their vision. People with desire to achieve great things always make success entrepreneurs.

motivation quotes Oprah winfrey

3. Drive for hard work

It’s not easy to continually work hard with dedication and perseverance. For entrepreneurs, It is necessary to put their time and efforts, often for little or no pay at the beginning, to be successful. The dream which doesn’t make us sleep is backbreaking work and dedication.

inspiring quotes bill gates

4. Making unintended mistakes

Not making any mistakes is a big mistake. Why? If there is no mistake, it means the product/service has an error, and it won’t sustain for long. However, making a lot of errors will make you look foolish too. Unintended mistakes are the part of your entrepreneurial game. Without a bug, there is no fix, and without a fix, there is no knowing of potential errors.

richard branson quote making mistakes

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5. Good listening

You are more aware of what’s happening around when you are listening or observing rather talking. Remember, a good listener is always a good conversationalist as you are taken more seriously and awaited to speak.

richard branson good listener

6. Perseverance

An entrepreneur’s life can be challenging, and sometimes getting out of bed seems difficult, no matter how passionate you are. But it’s achieved by ambitious entrepreneurs, who remain inspired even when times get rough. People who face challenges yet keep moving forward become become successful. The world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs have not relied on others. Every morning they can self-motivate and find the fire inside them.

And when I talk about perseverance, nothing impresses me more than a straight dialogue line by the renowned actor and producer Sylvester Stallone from Rocky Balboa 2006.

7. Leadership

Success never comes to those who do all of it on their own. Every successful individual on this planet can and should thank other individuals for helping them achieve those objectives. For many successful entrepreneurs, the difference is that they have these individuals in their lives, they get along with them, and lead them to extraordinary achievements. Entrepreneurs are successful at raising others while also understanding others’ significance through their own success story.

mandy hale new york times bestseller

8. Introspection

Keep up with your daily analysis as it leads to affirmation of your own knowledge and thoughts in your daily life. Entrepreneurs must assess themselves to improve themselves daily and adding to their skillset. You’ll find yourself managing your time and lead people better and better.

Businesswomen like Komal Ahmad are setting great examples not just for themselves but for the world, especially women entrepreneurs.

9. Inquisitive – Open to learn

An entrepreneur has to recognize that. It needs the actual realization of situations or occurrences that can be valuable opportunities. An open-minded mindset is required to consider such possibilities. It can assess an entrepreneur. With a good outlook, one should face both defeats and victories humbly. Any successful business person will know that she/he should not frown on loss. The correct attitude is to try before success or failure. A good entrepreneur takes failures as stepping stones, and works diligently in line with the next goal. Successful entrepreneurs learn from every situation and person around them. It is beneficial to garner experience and deploy the same in the direction forward.

steve jobs quotes successful entrepreneur

10. Neutrality

Entrepreneurs cannot befriend with everybody. In the world of business, there is no such thing like ‘participation bonus’. Some win, some lose and it is all a never-ending thing. Successful entrepreneurs upkeep a neutral attitude towards success and failure and even their competition. Continuous improvement is what thrives them. Ultimately, an entrepreneur’s target is to achieve great things but not to limit it to fight competition. You need possess the same kind of an attitude to put your goals first, work hard and smart to drive the positive outcomes.

jeff bezos quotes successful entrepreneur

Over to you

The above-listed characteristics are found to be shared by all successful entrepreneurs. Without setting an ambition, you can’t find inspiration, and without the desire to take chances, you can’t be decisive in the face of choices. Despite intrusive commentary by your peers and naysayers, you will try to find the enthusiasm in yourself, understand yourself, establish qualities and become the best version of yourself. You might also want to read my another piece on billionaire quotes.

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