Startup Stories

An archive of some of the noteworthy startup stories from MENA and India – taking you through the genesis and journey of every startup that we cover.

  • How Aalna Corp is building environment-friendly homes & boosting independent artists

    Founded in March 2018 by Mayank Kharkwal and Ruhnees Rao Gharu, Aalna Corp is a real-estate construction & consulting and influencer management company.

  • WATR – Re-envisioning the state of digital product design for startups

    Based out of Gurugram, WATR stands out as a digital product design startup offering agile and price-transparent remote design team to Fortune 2000 companies…

  • Kashmirica – Srinagar-based startup unveiling Kashmiri art to the world

    Kashmirica – The e-commerce platform aims to bring the best of Kashmir’s luxury handicrafts, art and culturally-driven products to the world.

  • VentAllOut – A Catalyst Paving Towards a Stress-free Global Society

    VentAllOut lets people share their load and get rewarded rather than just sharing content to increase followers on traditional social media platforms.

  • temtem – Algerian Synergy Augmenting Logistics and Transport Infrastructure

    Algiers, Algeria-based ride-hailing startup was started by the serial entrepreneur Kamel Haddar in 2018 to fill the dearth of on-demand mobility services.